How much does (it) cost?

(It) meaning a sign, a pinstripe job, a mailbox, truck lettering, boat lettering or any number of the custom signs we produce. So, the answer to the question is that we must evaluate each job as to how much materials and time are going to cost us. We therefore try to be as fair to you as possible and keep the wolves from our door at the same time. We use an estimate program to help us in our pricing, but there is no true science to pricing a sign or artwork. Each job is different, so you will
be quoted a price after consideration of factors. There is an art fee required in some cases before any
further steps can be taken. This is usually applied when we are hired to design the product before we put it into production. The artwork fee is not refundable nor is it a part of the end product price. It is the first step required for making a sign product. The artwork that Ottway Signs produces is owned by Ottway Signs and is not legal to reproduce in any way until purchased from Ottway Signs. We then provide you with email attachments of various files for reproduction to be used in other forms of advertising.   

How long will it take to get my sign?

The answer to this question is similar to the first with regard of consideration of factors in production and shop work load. We are happy to give a projection of time frame and our rate at getting a job done on time, once promised, is 99%.

How long until an idea "sketch" is available?

After an artwork fee is received, artwork for a project can be presented within a matter of a couple days. Sometimes longer depending upon complexity of the sign or project.
What information should I bring?

It is always very helpful to us in being able to produce your product if you are equipped with certain information to supply us regarding dimensions, type of surface, colors or any other details of the area in which the sign or lettering will be placed. If you are providing your artwork to us, digital photos or digital files of your artwork are a necessity in keeping the cost down. In some cases, an artwork fee will be applied to the overall cost of the product because of the editing process to convert your files to usable data within our system.   

How long can I expect the sign to last?

If you are concerned about the longevity of the sign or product, we can allow a limited liability guarantee based upon the product materials and our workmanship. However, due to the nature of the conditions that sign products are subjected to, we cannot guarantee against the elements of nature or conditions that may cause premature breakdown that are beyond our control.     

There are no refunds on custom produced products. However, if you are dissatisfied with anything we do, we will assess the situation and be as fair as possible to satisfy you.

We allow a 10% discount for churches and certain non-profit organizations. There are quantity discounts available for multiple prints of an item.